Solid wood beds

Bed of beamsA large choice of solid wooden double beds in country style.
All these beds of pine, robust core beech and wild oak wood have a beautiful finish and will last a lifetime.

Solid wood is a natural product.

Wood is not a uniform or homogeneous product.

Every tree, every piece of solid wood has its own, individual characteristics. That's why solid wood furniture also has these original details.

Characteristic of these naturally grown materials are color and structure differences, deformations, unevennesses, resin spots and small cracks which, depending on the type of wood and the growing area, are always different.
Wood reacts to changing room temperatures and humidity. It lives.

It is these authenticity features that always gives the wood natural beauty and makes every piece of furniture unique.

Beds with storage space

The creatively designed bed with drawers and storage space is not only beautiful to see, but also handy. In the bed drawers and open compartments a lot can be stored  and you will find a matching wardrobe  for each bed.

A messy bedroom is history.

Bed of beams

Furnisch your bedroom with a piece of nature and treat yourself to a bed, made of rustic oak beams. A piece of furniture full of charm.
Beautiful wood joints, refined details and natural growth slits makes the beam bed the extravagant centerpiece of your bedroom.

Of course, you can complete at once your bed with the correct slatted base and comfortable mattresses of any type. Also vieuw the solid wood wardrobes and other matching bedroom furniture, so your bedroom will be a unique whole.

Just click on the information button near the bed of your choice, then we will find the right combination for you.