A cookie is a small text file, that is sent to your computer when you visit the website. It will be saved by your internet program (browser).

With every next page of the same website that you visit, the file will be sent back to the website, so it knows that you are the same visitor and to adjust a web page accordingly, if necessary.

In general, cookies are very useful, as you don't have to repeat settings that you did already before.

Important: The data in a cookie can only be read by the website that originally sent the text file to your computer. So, the data will not be shared with other websites.

Cookies usage

This website uses only a few number of cookies.

Session cookie

A session cookie is a very useful (and crucial) cookie and takes care that the website can work at all, as it helps the website to remember what you did on the website during the same visit.

For example, the cookie helps remembering the website that you are logged in or activated other things, allowing you to place an order.

A few minutes after your visit, your internet program will remove this cookie automatically. The website will also remove the cookie data soon after your visit.

The website uses the letters 'NB' as name for this cookie.

Functional cookies

These are additional cookies, that are required for proper functioning of the website.

Cookies order or information request

The website uses this cookie to remember what products have been added to your order or information request, so that these products remains in your lists at your next website visit. This avoids you from adding the products once again.

This cookie will be removed automatically within several months, if you don't visit the website any longer. The cookie will also be removed when you send the order or information request. Next time, you will get a new cookie for this function, allowing you to add new products to the lists.

The website uses the letter 'T' as name for this cookie.

Cookies acceptation

This cookie is only used to remember that you answered the question with respect to the 'Other' cookies (see below). This cookie won't be used nor stored as long as you haven't answered the question.

As long as the question hasn't been answered, it will be questioned again on each page and the website assumes that the 'Other' cookies haven't been accepted (yet).

After accepting these cookies, the question will no longer show up. If you choose to refuse these cookies, the question will only be shown once during every next visit. The latter offers you the chance to still do accept them.

This cookie will be removed automatically within several months, if you don't visit the website anymore. When you come back later, you can answer the question once again.

The website uses the letter 'C' as name for this cookie.

Other cookies

The website can also use and store cookies of other websites. This may happen, for example, if a movie from YouTube, Vimeo or alike will be shown here. But also if specific code of another website is being used, what happens if a map from Google Maps is shown or if a program from another company is used to measure the number of visits for this website, like Google Analytics does.

All third party programs can place cookies themselves. Refer to the website of the corresponding company for more information about these cookies, as these programs are, technically, no part of our website, but only functions via our website.

We are using the following third party programs on our website:
- Google Analytics
This is being used to generate statistics of all visits to our website.
These cookies can be recognised by a name that starts with '_utm' or '_ga'.
We don't know what Google further does with these cookies.

Accepting cookies

According the law, visitors have to give permission before these 'Other' cookies may be used and stored. Until permission is given, these cookies may not be stored, which implies that the corresponding functions, videos and such may not be shown on the website pages. To still see them, you should answer the cookies question by clicking 'Accept cookies'.

Configure/change cookie choice

Click on the button below to accept all cookies. This will cause the website to work at its best.